YSSL applies the following codes for Load Calculation and design of buildings:
1. Bangladesh National Building Code 1993
(Bangladesh Gazette Notification dated 15.11.2006)
2) Metal Building Systems Manual 2002 Edition
Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA)
3) Steel Construction Manual (2005) Thirteenth Edition (Latest)
American Institute of Steel Construction Inc. (AISC)
4) Structural Welding Code - Steel
AWS: D1.1/D1.1 M: 2006
Approved by ANSI, Nov. 29, 2005
20th edition (Latest)
5) AISI Manual for Cold-Formed Steel Design
2002 Edition (Latest)
American Iron and Steel Institute
We at Youth Steel Structures Ltd. shall aim to achieve and sustain excellence in all our activities.
We shall produce, supply and install customer desired level of pre-fabricat ed steel structures and maintain credibility in the market for the quality of our products and services all times.
We are committed to total Customer satisfaction and continual improvement in our performance to meet customer expectations at all times. We are also committed to meet all legal and regulatory requirements.
We are further committed to develop a motivated workforce with a sense of pride in the organization which will lead us towards being the best in the industry and working in harmony with the environment.
Utilizing the latest computer software for design and detailing of pre-engineered and structural steel buildings, YSSL provides the most competitive designs and the highest quality drawings - mostly within seven to ten days ensuring clear representation of customers' project requirements. This enables faster construction at site.
Safety is a prime focus at YSSL. Apart from following accepted industry standard safety measures in our factory, we religiously follow international safety codes in our structural designs as well. The structural steel design is done in accordance with BS 5950 part 1 and BS 5950 part 5/American codes/BNBC-93 and sometimes Australian Codes as well. The Loads are applied in accordance with BS 6399 loading of Building Part 1: 1984: Code of practice for dead and imposed loads. Part 2: BNBC/93 for wind and earthquake loading.
At MSL, health and safety issues are an integral part of our production process. Continuous improvement in health and safety performance at every level of the Company is our goal of Zero Harm to people.
The following beliefs form the basis for achieving our goal of Zero Harm:

Working safety is a condition of employment
• Employee involvement is eventual
• The Management is accountable for safety performance
• All injuries can be prevented
• Training employees to work safely is essential
• All operating exposures can be safeguarded
• Despite all precaution, employees' health liability hospitalization insurance is ensured
Our building can be designed to support any required crane system. Overhead traveling cranes of up to 15 metric tons are supported on brackets. Higher capacities are usually supported by an independent support system. Our quotations for buildings with crane systems usually include column or rafter brackets, crane runaway beams and bracings. We do require the customer's complete crane system information in order to design and estimate buildings with cranes.

we care for the environment and place great importance on the way we manage the effect of our operations and products in our communities.
We are committed to the efficient use of resources, reducing and preventing pollution and product stewardship, focusing on all aspects of the product lifecycle.
We emphasize more on quality in design. We have our own licensed Software like STAAD- Pro, ETABS, TEKLA, SAP, and Quick Series, which are widely used in our design section. We always try to procure latest design manuals for our designers. We have latest Steel Construction Manuals: AISC Steel Construction manual Vol-13, MBMA Metal Building System Manual, Edition 2002, AISI Structural Welding Code – Steel, Edition: 2006.