Ten Action Of YSSL

Determining Client's Requirements. Analyzing civil works,specifications Analysis of wind and soil parameters.
Structural designs based on needs analysis. Extimates of materials based on needs. Setting of rates for quotation.
Finalizing proposal. Finalizing aggreements. Obtaingin Intitial Payments
Awaiting of basic civil work completion. Setting of anchor bolts. Confirmation of final measurements
Fabrication of columns. Delivery of Columns. Fabrication of Rafters/Main Beam. Delivery of Rafters/Main Beam. Fabrication of Purlins/Sub Beam. Delivery of Purlins/Sub Beam.
Setting up of columns. Setting up of initital Rafters/Main Beam. Setting up 20% of Purlins/Sub Beam on initial Rafters/Main Beam. Finalizing Rafters/Main Beam.
Finalizing full setting of Purlins/Sub Beam. Roof Insulation setting. Roof Sheeting/Decking and skylight fitting.
Setting up of side Purlins. Setting Side Sheeting. Fitting Ridge Ventilation. Fitting Natural Air Ventilation.
Awaiting of side walls (brick work) completion. setting up Gutter and Down pipes for drainage. Testing of building for faults. Setting up of Doors and Canopies.
Inauguration. Feedback from Clients